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Kaede: Soft or Hard


She has a cute little body.

Physical Appearance:

Soft or Hard

She has a cute little body.

Kaede’s face may attract certain clients, but her body is what steals the spotlight. I’m not talking about center fold model type of thing, but she has a translucent skin tone that looks pure from any outside corruption.

The ability to appreciate her figure from the back made things easy to enjoy when robbing her of her innocence backdoor style.

Trimmed pubic hair.

Service / Play

You shouldn’t expect anything too exotic from Kaede. Service wise, she was ordinary so if you want a typical Japanese girl, then I’m sure she floats your boat.

Nuru Nuru Massage

While not her first time, Kaede can be shy and reserved. This makes it ideal if you are a noob to m*t play and don’t want to embarrass yourself. Expect a lot of hand action, as if Kaede were a massage therapist, the difference here being motorboated with a bunch of lube.

Bed Time

I got sucked by soft lips that made me feel inclined to thrust my shaft further down her throat. Pretty good stuff.

After that, things were pretty softcore. I did my whole Space Jam rendition, and while my partner welcomed it, returned the favor with a gentle touch.


To sum things up, Kaede has a pretty nice body by my book. Smooth, succulent skin with squeezable small boobies. The way she fools around on the bed is subjective; if you like softcore porn where all they do is show TNA or hardcore bang bus style. If you’re the former, then consider your needs to be met.


90 Minutes – 45,000 Yen

By Splashman

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