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Nagisa: Proportion

02/27/2024 19:07

She is almost identical to her pictures!

Physical Appearance

Nagisa's beauty was nothing short of striking. Her nice proportions, big chest, and ample butt created a visual feast that captured attention from the moment we met.

The only minor differences from her photos are the added glamorous effects from Photoshop that turn this hot babe off the street into an Instagram model with over a million followers – the difference between being a centerfold model, and the girl that every dude is eying at a frat party.

Actual skin complexion mirrors more of a gyaru than Snow White. A few blemishes on the back.


Service / Play

Nagisa's experience in the industry became immediately apparent. Her seasoned approach to the encounter added a layer of sophistication, turning each moment into a refined exploration of pleasure.

Nuru Nuru Massage

During the nuru nuru massage, Nagisa's experienced touch became the focal point. In fact, she is pretty aggressive. Not in a way where she is looking to destroy her customers, but the way she massaged my body, took control and moved with intent. There were plenty of jerking motions, and I’m not just talking about choking the chicken.

Bed Time

On the bed Nagisa continued to exert her dominance. She made this man feel like a helpless yet sprung little boy as she pinned me to the bed and had her way with me. Nagisa would hug me, kiss me, and love me. As she engaged in all kinds of sexual acts with me, I would eventually find my sausage being marinated by soft fluffy buns.


Nagisa is beautiful with a skin complexion that is a little darker in person. Her skills on the m*t and bed are top notch.


90 Minutes – 45,000 Yen ($304.96)

Recommended For

-If you like curvalicious babes

-If you like DSL

-If you like the full GFE

Not Recommended For

-If you fail to please your side girl

By Splashman

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