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Honoka's Enchanting Charm

02/29/2024 19:14

Honoka is beautiful, with big breasts, and a ton of experience.

Physical Appearance

Meeting Honoka was like stumbling upon an elusive treasure chest in an RPG. Her beauty struck me, and there was a hint of experience in her elegant presence. Her generous chest drew my attention, though the mystery of whether it was a natural boon, or an implant added a sense of mystery. The subjective nature of beauty had me wondering whether she looked even better in person than her pictures had suggested.

Splashman Comment: While I felt Honoka looked a little different than her pics, I personally felt she looked better in person.

Service / Play

Don't be fooled by Honoka's shyness; it's like encountering a healer and you’re the DPS, who, once engaged, casts a wealth of buffs and recovery magic. Her experience in her craft was evident, and I felt like the hero embarking on an epic quest with an unexpected party member.

Nuru Nuru Massage

Her nuru nuru massage experience was enchanting. The more I explored, the more I was captivated. Her technique was smooth and expert, and I couldn't help but wonder if this was the result of countless hours leveling up in her profession.

Bed Time

The transition to "Bed Time" was seamless, allowing for a soothing conclusion to the soapy play. It was akin to the peaceful finale of a well-crafted RPG, leaving me with a sense of fulfillment.

Lots of love and kisses finished our session before getting an expert massage up until the time on the clock expired.


In conclusion, my journey with Honoka was an unexpectedly delightful expedition. Her beauty, shyness, and experience all played a role in making the experience unique. Whether her charm was due to her beauty, technique, or the sense of discovery, I couldn't say. But I left with a sense of wonder, much like completing a game you never expected to enjoy (Lies of P).

Splashman Comment: In terms of skills, Honoka is on the same tier as Eimi, both coming into GFE Soapland with a hefty resume. I would recommend doing a walk-in and/or checking out her selfies.


90 Mintes – 45,000 Yen ($300.74)

Recommended For

-If you want a truly relaxing Soapland experience

-If you want a companion who has perfected their craft -If you like big boobies

Not Recommended For

-If you like freshly baked puntang pie -If communication is an issue for you

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