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Toa: She Loves Gaijin

01/24/2024 18:39

Treating her well became the key to unlocking the full GFE.

Physical Appearance

Toa has dyed hair, not the beach babe blonde type, but a few shades lighter. Tattoos peppered around her body which added a certain bad girl aura about her. The eyes were also seemingly enhanced with contacts which sparkled like Christmas illuminations.

Service / Play

Toa’s service style was a blend of shyness, yet a desire to engage in conversation. While she could be reserved initially, she is open to all kinds of service.

She appreciates customers who treat her kindly, and it was evident the girlfriend experience could be magnified with the right approach.

Nuru Nuru Massage

M*t play was essentially the full package. What I thought would be a reserved encounter when it came to the sticky stuff, to my surprise, was wholesome and complete. Toa would glide over me, hitting up every position, and bounced up and down, cementing the fact that she was quite experienced at her craft.

Bed Time

The way you treat Toa is the way she will treat you. As I caressed her lightly, she would do the same. If I flipped the switch and went sicko mode, Toa would match the intensity. Every play and position I wanted to do, Toa was there to answer the call.

In the end, I ended up launching my money shot, splattering all over titties.


My encounter with Toa was a mix of soft and hard. There was light caressing followed by hammer smashing. She is the type to work on demand, mirroring your expectations and delivering in a multitude of facets.


90 Minutes - 45,000 Yen ($309.75)

Recommended For

-If you have a lot of requests that you want fulfilled

-If you can lead the situation


Not Recommended For

-If you like 2D girls

By Splashman

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