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She Said She’s Committed


“I am committed to ensuring that those who visit me leave feeling of satisfaction.”

Physical Appearance
The impact of her visual complexion is the highlight of Remi. Pink nipples with absolutely no stubs on her vagina.

Since her pictures seem to have been blown out of proportion, I personally feel her natural look is more attractive in person. A few tattoos scattered here and there that did not detract from her overall image.

Service / Play
In terms of service and play, Remi’s expertise in the art of kissing became the focal point. A lot of lip action and generous with the tongue.

When it cums to cock and balls, Remi doesn’t fall short in that department either. Ample love was given to my shaft and nut sack, whether it was from her mouth or her hands.

Nuru Nuru Massage
Rather than a sublime nuru nuru of the highest caliber, Remi’s style is more “real.” It was as if your girlfriend has practiced on you for a while and is willing and ready to go another day to harvest your seed.

Bed Time
The bed was equal, if not, better than the nuru nuru massage. Like a gold digger with a metal detector in hand, Remi would non-stop scout out my penis. When treasure was struck, she would sit all over me mining all the little nuggets I had in store for her.

Sporting short hair, a slim figure and little boobies to match with pink nipples, I can definitely say that Remi has some good visuals. If you’re into tattoos, then that’s a plus.

If not, I can tell you they were as small as mosquito bites, so it’s not immediately obvious. In terms of technique, Remi has got it down.

Recommended For
-If you like a slim figure
-If you like pink nipples
-If you’ve encounter dead fish on your last punt and want to reverse your bad luck

Not Recommended For
-If you ABSOLTEUY despise tattoos


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