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Sofia….An exotic pleasure bomb


Nice to meet you she said as she pulled me into the room. Before I could reply, she had wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to my ear. “I really enjoy kissing” she said, and for the next 90 minutes, I was about to find out how true that really was. 

Physical appearance

Sofia packs a banging curvy body into a 160 cm package that is busty and sensual. She is a wildly erotic handful and she brings a nonstop energy to everything she touches. She rocks an amazing ass with perfect proportions. You won’t quickly forget this foxy lady. Her seductive eyes and wicked smile fill in the gaps of her limited English. All you need to do is follow her lead.


She quickly stripped my clothes off and started in on her 1st round of kisses as I pulled her lingerie down and her stiff nipples slid against my body. We briefly fell on the bed and she straddled me without missing a beat. Her tongue and her lips were in constant motion. I was happy to oblige as she moaned and whispered “More” when I squeezed her thighs.  I rolled her over and planted my own kisses while savoring every inch of her gorgeous body with my lips and tongue.

I was hard when we made it to the scrubbing chair in the shower area. She soaped me up and put some in my hand as I repaid the pleasure. Sofia plopped me in the tub and began her Nuru prep. Her technique was a bit different from others I have had before. She covered herself with the goo and lightly rubbed me with it before placing me on my back. What happened next can only be described as an encounter with an anaconda. Sofia grasped my leg and spun around and around, scissoring me between her sexy thighs while sliding up and down. She continued pressing all of the tension from my body as those kisses kept coming fast and furiously. We finished our wild coupling while sliding on the air mattress before we washed each other off and crawled to the bed just as time was expiring.


Sofia is a wonderful choice for a memorable time at GFE. She is sexy to look at and amazing at the art of pleasure.  I left satisfied and smiling while plotting my return for another taste of those kisses and that amazing b

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