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Nana: Much more than a 7, A non-stop bundle of energy with a can-do spirit 



Physical appearance

Nana is short and curvy, with a sly knowing smile. She is smooth-skinned with trimmed pubic hair and a pleasingly plump bottom. Despite her compact build, Nana carries herself with an undeniable presence, embracing her curves with confidence and grace.

Service / Play 

Upon entering the room, I was treated to an embrace and a kiss. Not just a quick peck but a deep tongue-twisting kiss that lasted 5 minutes. I surprisingly became aroused as she probed deeper into my mouth. We finally broke apart, and she looked down and smiled. Nana pulled my pants down and playfully pressed into my now-awoken crotch. I was moved quickly to the bed, where she slid my clothes off and continued toying with my nipples and bulge. She grabbed my hand and sat me down in the shower. After a nice, warm, soapy clean-up, we made it back to the bed, where her mouth took over. We rolled, and I thrust my face between her thighs, and we both moaned in the moment. My cheeks were soaked as I exploded in her mouth. I shook as I marveled at the best “Lip Service” I had received in ages. 


Nana had confessed that this was her first day as we lay side by side, her leg draped over me. I smiled and knew how lucky her next erotic encounters would be. I hope to be one of them in the near future.

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