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Physical Appearance
Aki has a gorgeous face with a pretty slender figure. Her body isn’t something you’ll find in the centerfold of a magazine but buried somewhere in the pages.

Overall, she presents a clean, attractive vibe that emits pheromones that guys love sniffing out.

Service / Play
In terms of service and play, Aki’s penchant for kissing is the highlight of the session. Each kiss is passionate, making for an emotional roller coaster ride minus all the downs. There’s plenty of saliva to act as lube, so she is no amateur. She is also good at striking up a conversation, so if you are either shy or into girl’s bars, consider yourself in the good hands of an excellent companion. Not to mention, she is eager to learn English, so you wannabe teachers out there can start flexing your credentials.

Nuru Nuru Massage
Aki’s nuru nuru prowess doesn’t begin when you hit the m*t. Her preparation is top notch and very tedious. Just looking at her set up is like watching a YouTube cooking show with the host fully naked with nothing but an apron. When you are on the mat, the sensation is like being with your side b*tch, cuddling up with the addition of lube spicing up your naked bodies.

Bed Time
On the bed, Aki is into all types of play. Other than going backdoor, Aki can be a real masochist. She is different than the average however, maintaining that cute aura about her. The loving doesn’t end with Aki until you step out that door, so consider this engagement the GFE to the finest.

Aki is a real babe, so if she matches your ideal type, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you pass up on this opportunity. Even if her visuals don’t fit your taste buds, Aki genuinely enjoys this kind of work so you can expect a girlfriend, even if it is just for a minute.

Recommended For
-If you have an instructor visa
-If you work at GABA and are stressed out about performance review, decreasing income and a work
environment that doesn’t allow you to speak Japanese

Not Recommended For
-If you are an executive and are expecting Baywatch level visuals
-If you like big busty women

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