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By Splashman

Tina is a near perfect encounter.

Physical Appearance
Standing at 154 cm, Tina may be small to some, but has all the right proportions. It’s like a tipping a scale, no one side too much for the other. Ass and tits just the right size to fit your hands. Not to mention the soft, succulent feeling when squeezing and motorboating the shit out of her god given gifts.
Pink nipples and very clean pussy.
Slightly dyed hair at the time of our meeting – a unique look that gave a nice flair to her overall appeal, and something new for the eye candy aisle.

Service / Play
Tina’s standout feature is her exceptional personality. This quality elevates her professionalism, making every moment feel like a curated experience. Her ability to create an atmosphere that resonates with the warmth of a genuine girlfriend makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Nuru Nuru Massage
On the mat, Tina can be a friggin sexpert. Her perfect body and weight glides over you like an iron straightening out your $1000 suit that you are prepping for that once in a lifetime B2B meeting that you have on Friday. You don’t end up just feeling spick-and-span, as Tina goes even beyond, for that extra milage.

Bed Time
Once we got to the bed, the beat continued. Tina would shower me with hugs and kisses. My dick got nothing less than the red-carpet treatment as shed rolled up my ding-a-ling with her lubricated mouth like a sushi roll. Everything felt surreal as our bodies came together, the whole encounter topping any experience I’ve had with my gold-digging ex.

In conclusion, Tina is top notch. There’s nothing to add other than letting me know if your experience matched mine.

Recommended For
-Dudes that like lil girls with all the right proportions
-If you want to meet a J-girl who is learning English and uses random ghetto fabulous vocab that will catch you off guards

Not Recommended For
-If you like them old, saggy MILFs that got that used product vibe
-If you like them super thick women with the ‘smack that’ Latina heat type ass cheeks


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