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Extra Seasoning



Physical Appearance
Arisa has a unique appearance – mixed Japanese and it clearly shows in her face. Her tall stature also compliments her background as it accentuates the tale of two worlds.
Friggin’ NICE boobies with pink perky nipples.
A few tattoos scattered around her body, and a velvety vagina.

Service / Play
Mirroring her background and artistic expression, Arisa’s service is a mix of Japanese omotenashi with a wild western frenzy. From the way she greets you – she speaks the
utmost polite form of keigo – to getting really raunchy in bed.

Nuru Nuru Massage
Arisa is proficient at the m*t. From the way she sets it up, you can already tell she has a background in this kind of business. Once you find yourself on the cushion, Arisa
doesn’t have any hesitation or step back moves. She simply sinks sinks that dagger three, making everything feel professional and surreal.
Sweet tongue play.

Bed Time
On the bed, Arisa doesn’t tire – she has the stamina to ride the bull all night long like at a rodeo without giving in. Take this as your cue to take charge or be dominated, as I
ordered Arisa for a little of both.
Head, hand and grinding, Arisa is pretty much the full package.

Arisa is undeniably a Soapland technician. Whether you find yourself eager to glaze her ass cheeks or not lies in if you can handle the extra ferocity. Physically, Arisa strays away from your typical Japanese style, making the looks department much spicier than your average encounter.

Recommended For
-If you want to add exotic flavors to your palette
-If you like girls expressing themselves artistically with their body
-If you don’t speak Japanese
-If you a brotha wanting to get a little piece of Japan

Not Recommended For
-If you don’t like smokers

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