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FACE : 7/10BODY : 6/10 KISS : 8/10 BJ : 8/10 GFE : 10/10 OVERALL : 9/10 Emiri greeted me with a cute voice and […]

FACE : 7/10
BODY : 6/10
KISS : 8/10
BJ : 8/10
GFE : 10/10
OVERALL : 9/10

Emiri greeted me with a cute voice and an equally cute smile. She gave me a big hug after entering the room, and I noticed how extremely smooth her skin was. I ran my fingers over her back to feel her skin and she let out a moan, which made me want to tease her a bit, but she gave me a kiss and started removing my clothes while talking. She kept caressing my dick over my pants for a bit before finally moving to the bath.

Emiri is experienced at giving baths, so everything felt really good. We moved to the bed, lied down together, and started making out while I ran my fingers through her body. She’s very sensitive, so she was already drenched after some foreplay and she orgasmed really quickly after I went down on her. I was already at full mast from seeing her reactions, but she gave me a BJ before putting the condom on me with her mouth. We did the nasty until the alarm for the shower rang, and even after cumming once she wanted me to keep going for a second round. We ran out of time, so we didn’t have a lot of time for cuddling after boning, which is a bit unfortunate, but I was very satisfied with her. She orgasms with ease, has plenty of stamina, and is fun to tease.

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