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Physical Appearance
The beauty of Kumi is her ageless grace – she may be older but looks youthful, because age is nothing but a number. With her beauty she carries a slender frame. So, if you are into pancakes or flat bread, then you may enjoy getting buttered up by all that batter.

Service / Play
Beyond physical attributes, Kumi’s service stands as a testament to her exceptional skill and dedication. Her approach to each interaction is marked by professionalism and a commitment to exceeding expectations – or sorry, let me reword that. She is so good at her craft that it goes beyond commitment – her every move is second nature.

Nuru Nuru Massage
Kumi’s high-caliber technique transitions seamlessly into the m*t as well. She is phenomenal, guiding her clients on a journey that can blow your mind. Everything she does on that slippery stuff is simply phenomenal.

Bed Time
In terms of bed play, I have very little to critique about Kumi’s play. Even her head game is way better than many other women in the market. There were absolutely no teeth
shredding my foreskin, so I just kept double dipping into her succulent lips. Sugar walls and hand game? Same deal, as Kumi is meticulous in juicing me of all my nectar.

Kumi is a bit older but has a beauty that overshines other youthful players in the industry. Not only that, but her skills are also formidable – among the highest caliber among all the selections that are already out there. Looking forward to reading everyone’s reviews to see if your experience was the same.

Recommended For
-If you like pancakes
-If you like to add a lot of butter into the mix
-If you want soft hands and lips shining your jewels

Not Recommended For
-If you prefer riding elephants to camels
-If you like a whole lot of ass up in your face

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