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Physical Appearance 

Yui’s defining features are no doubt her curves. She has a big chest and a fat ass to match. Them boobies so big and puffy that she has to wear a bra during any downtime to prevent unnecessary sag. 

Facial features are average, making her figure the area that commands attention. Few marks to her otherwise killer meat sauce. 

Service / Play 

Communication skills aside, Yui’s commitment to physical service is more than commendable. The uneventful conversations are one thing, but her proficiency in providing the best services remained consistently high throughout the session.  

She was open to all sorts of play, which you don’t consistently get with other providers. 

Nuru Nuru Massage 

The m*t was good, it felt like a massage you would get at a oil massage therapist, except everything was done with nuru nuru. With the nuru nuru sauce spread all over my nether regions, I got my salad tossed with jelly. 

Bed Time 

We transitioned to the bed with all the sauce and goo still coating us, making for easy rubbing. With our bodies fully laced together, I got the full pleasures of a soapland, with Yui’s face spasming out in pleasure. The mutual kimochi had me end up popping my white stuff into a piece of latex, making it look like a snow globe. 


While her conversational skills may be lacking, her commitment to physical service remains unwavering. Yui’s proficiency in nuru nuru massage and openness create an experience that prioritizes physical satisfaction, leaving clients thoroughly content and fulfilled. 

Time with Yui is a time admiring her bouncy breasts and luscious ass. This specific encounter was less emotional, as it was physical. So, if you like clapping some decent looking ass with boobies that look like hot air balloons, minus all the talking, then this might be the experience for you.  


Recommended For 

-If you like smothering your face in tits 

-If you like leaving your handprints on a pair of ass cheeks 

-American dudes 

Not Recommended For 

-If you are a face first kind of guy 

-If you seek emotional connection with a provider 

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