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Physical Appearance 

Kanae has a striking appearance due to her tall stature and slender frame. She also has a distinct and memorable face that you must see to believe. With her slender frame comes proportionate boobies and booty. 

Trimmed pubic hair. 

Service / Play 

Due to Kanae’s disposition and meticulous attention to detail, it felt as if she had been in this industry for a while. From setting the temperature of the water and the optimal temperature, to catering to my needs and everything that I like and don’t like. The atmosphere created was simply professional.  

Nuru Nuru Massage 

The m*t play was seemingly perfect as Kanae knew how to move around. She would eventually prop my ass up to get some deep rimming action with a tongue lurking around my cracks like a chameleon tongue.  

Bed Time 

Unlike most of my previous encounters at GFE Soapland, Kanae was the one in charge. She had me lay on the bed and had her way with me. Licking my body up and down, sucking my junk, and forcing some 69 onto me. Before I knew it, Kanae was all on top of me, moving around like some kind of porn star. I would eventually have to take the commanding lead, and shift from being dominated to being the dominator.   

When all was said and done, I would eventually climax. Kanae followed this up by ending my session with a restorative massage.  


Kanae is confident and has experience doing this kind of work. What makes her so memorable is that she has a unique look about her is different than your typical Japanese cut-n-paste clone; she’s tall, slender, and has a face that is quite unique. 

Recommended For 

-If you enjoyed your time with Mika 

-If you like a slim appearance  

Not Recommended For 

-If you prefer some Kirby action 

-If you like girls that are easy to toss around 

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